Points of Distinction

There are lots of reasons why CSUDH stands out among the nation's exceptional urban universities. Our university has a distinctive history, a vibrant academic environment, exciting research programs, and a tradition of service in the South Bay.

Our students, faculty, and staff are some of the best and brightest and their hard work, creative spirit, and commitment to academic and professional excellence is unparalleled. The university is home to people whose innovative solutions have transformed our communities and our world. Read about some of the points of distinction that have put CSUDH on the map.

All-Steinway School Designation

CSUDH is one of an elite group of institutions worldwide that have achieved status as an “All-Steinway School.” University faculty and students learn, practice, and perform only on pianos designed by the world-famous Steinway & Sons, whose instruments are the choice for serious piano players worldwide.

Amazing Alumni

CSUDH alumni have made their mark in a variety of fields. From Superior Court judges (Scott M. Gordon, BS, '80) to Olympic gold medalists (Carmelita Jeter, BA, '06), Toro alums have achieved remarkable success after graduating from CSUDH. Some of the university's most outstanding alumni have been featured in the campus' popular I'm a Toro banner campaign.

Male Success Alliance

The Male Success Alliance (MSA) is a student success initiative focused on improving graduation rates of young men of color through academic support, professional development, mentoring, and civic engagement. Every year, MSA hosts an annual Spring Summit that brings more than 650 high school and middle school students to campus for a conference that offers them the necessary tools and resources to be successful.

National Rankings

CSUDH is ranked among the nation's top universities for diversity, accessibility, affordability, commitment to community service, and more. See a comprehensive list of CSUDH's impressive national rankings.

Occupational Therapy Program

CSUDH offers a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy program that prepares students to become clinical practitioners who help people achieve skills and utilize resources to live independent and meaningful lives. The program in Occupational Therapy is the only state-funded entry-level master’s program of its kind in Southern California. Approximately 95 percent of graduates pass the national boards within a year of graduation, allowing them to obtain full employment within the discipline.

Orthotic and Prosthetic Education Center

CSUDH's Orthotic and Prosthetic Education Center is located in Los Alamitos, California. Practitioners who are trained in the O&P Center directly serve veterans at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Long Beach, as well as the general population. The O&P Center is the only one of its kind at a public university in California.

OSHA Training Institute

CSUDH has the only Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Training Institute Education Center in the Los Angeles area, and one of only 26 in the country.

Service Learning

Service learning is a method of teaching that combines classroom instruction with meaningful community service, giving students real-world learning experiences that enhance their academic learning while providing a tangible benefit for the community. Each year, 65 percent of CSUDH students participate in service learning projects. During the past decade, CSUDH has been selected several times for the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll by the Corporation for National and Community Service. The Honor Roll provides federal recognition of a college or university for its commitment to volunteering, service-learning, and civic engagement. CSUDH was recognized for five straight years for its commitment to the community and the hours it gives to schools and nonprofits.

STEM Education

CSUDH has established a Center for Innovation in STEM Education (CISE), partially funded by a grant from the Annenberg Foundation, that serves as a regional and national think tank to address disparities and opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and math education.

The university has credentialed more science and mathematics teachers in the state of California than any other institution over the past 10 years.

In 2014, the College of Education was awarded the Department of Education’s largest Teacher Quality Partnership Grant ($12.45 M) to establish STEM Teachers in Advanced Residency (STAR), a program designed to prepare highly qualified math and science teachers for the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Dignity Health Sports Park

Dignity Health Sports Park is situated on 125 acres of the CSUDH campus. It features state-of-the art stadiums and facilities for soccer, tennis, track and field, cycling, lacrosse, rugby, volleyball, baseball, softball, basketball, and other sports. Designated as an “Official U.S. Olympic Training Site,” the Sports Park is the nation’s most complete training facility for Olympic, amateur, and professional athletes. Since its opening in 2003, Dignity Health Sports Park has brought an energy to the university that only a world-class sports venue can, providing not only financial returns, but educational and career opportunities for current students and alumni.

WPDI/CSUDH Collaboration

The university collaborates with the Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative (WPDI) to jointly create a conflict resolution education curriculum for WPDI’s Domestic Harmonizer Program. There are future possibilities of extending our collaboration further to our international programs such as the Youth Peacemaker Network in South Sudan, Uganda, Mexico, and Myanmar, and to create future internship opportunities for CSUDH students with WPDI.